How to Cancel Usenet Account

How to Cancel Usenet Account

There are two ways you can cancel your credit card subscription:

  1. Go directly to CCBILL and cancel the account yourself HERE
  2. You can contact us via Email (Please include USERNAME)

Once received, the account will be cancelled, as requested, and an email confirmation sent to the registered email address.

Please do not assume because you sent an email that the account was cancelled. Only after you receive the confirmation verification, will the account be considered cancelled.

NOTE: Once the subscription has been removed from active billing in our database and will not be re-billed. However, your most recent bill on your statement may not necessarily reflect the final charge from the website before your cancellation. You may not have received your statement showing your final billing yet, since our memberships bill in advance for the billing cycle. You will still have access to the site and newsfeed servers from your final billing to the end of your term.

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