What is an SSL Connection?

What is an SSL Connection?

(Secure Socket Layer)

A SSL (Secure Socket Layer) connection is a standard security technology that allows an encrypted link between the server and the online user. The SSL ensures that the data and information that is passed between the user and the server remains private and integral. The complexities of the SSL remain invisible to the user as it is handled by the provider.

  • We offer 256 Bit SSL Encrypted Secure NNTP news server connections allowing you the option of a secure Usenet connection. We offer secure connections with both our USA and our European Usenet news servers.
  • With 256 Bit SSL Encryption , you can be assured that your information and activity is safely protected. We value our customer’s privacy, and with our 256 BIT SSL Encryption, you can trust your activity is completely safe.

SSL is available with our usaextra.uncensorednewsfeed.com and eurextra.uncensorednews.com accounts

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