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What is Usenet
What is Completion
What are Binaries
What is Retention
What Usenet is NOT

Gigabyte Converter
History of Usenet
Create Alt Newsgroup
Usenet Flames – How to avoid them

What is yEnc
yEnc is relatively new encoding method (announced in 2001) used for encoding binary files on the Usenet (also called newsgroups) into a format the Usenet server is capable of sending and receiving yEnc  decoder
AOL Help
More Usenet Help Here
Error Codes
Glossary of Usenet Terms

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How to Clear Your Browser’s Cache

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Q:  The content doesn’t seem to be the same on all the servers, why?

A: This is because the servers are located in different geographical areas with different feeds and peering arrangements at each. We have designed our system this way for redundancy and speed.

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Q:   I am unable to access certain groups via the web to news gateway, why?

A: As it is stated in our disclaimer, some groups are only accessible via a newsreader. The reason for this is due to a legal issues in regards of providing a way to decode any images that some one else posted. If you do encounter any questionable material that somebody, posted please let us know so that we may remove the offending article.

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Q: Some newsgroups seems to be expiring very quickly, why?

A: The rate of article expiration will vary by group and will depend on the amount and size of new articles coming in. This is especially true for binaries groups. We do not set limits on retention time, the only limitation is the amount of disk space available.

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Q: What ports do I use?

A:In try to improve your Usenet experience, we offer various different ports for each server. If you are experiencing slowness, you should first try changing the port you are downloading through and see if the problem is resolved. Often, changing the port will change the routing through the internet and increase your connection speed.

Ports HERE

Remove old server from newsreader HERE

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Q:  How will your charge appear on my credit card statement?

A: To protect your privacy, any charges will discreetly appear as *TBM newsfeeds on your credit card statement.

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Q:  Why are there articles missing in the binaries newsgroups?

A: This can happen for several reasons. The most likely is that some of the articles (or parts of articles) were filtered out as spam before they reached our servers. We do not filter any incoming articles on our binaries servers, everything we receive from our upstream is posted. Many news servers limit the maximum article size and if any articles are in excess of that size the server will cancel it automatically and it will not propagate out. Also, all news servers have the right to filter out anything that passes through their server. Keep in mind that Usenet was designed to carry only plain text, not large binary files. Processing binary articles places twice as much strain on the server as plain text articles do. For these reasons no guarantee regarding completeness of binary articles is expressed or implied by

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Q:  Some articles that I post from do not seem to propagate to other news servers, why?

A: This is rare, but possibly another news server may be canceling them . We can take no further responsibility for articles not propagating once they have been sent to our upstream servers. Another reason could be if you have a record of abuse on our servers your posting access may have been disabled. Once your posting access has been disabled due to posting abuse it will never be restored, so don’t even ask. Nor will we issue refunds for this reason.

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Q: If I want to upgrade my subscription or change the credit card I am using with, what do I need to do?

A: Please contact us directly via the Usenet Support Center

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Q:  I am getting a “502 Authentication Error.” What does this mean?

A:A “502 Authentication Error” means that you may have typed your username and/or password incorrectly.
Another possible cause is inaccurate or outdated credit card information.
User names and passwords are case sensitive!

Q:What is the POP3 and/or SMTP address? does not provide E-Mail account with the Usenet services.

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Q: I’m getting an AUTHENTICATION FAILED message

A: First, check that you entered the correct username and password.  If you forgot your username and/or password, go to the

If you are sure about your username and password, then the error may be because your account exceeded the allowed number of simultaneous logins.  Also, some Usenet newsreaders do not disconnect cleanly, in which case you may have to wait a few minutes before your account is cleared.

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Q: Why are my posts not showing up?

A:  This usually due to spamming. We have a zero tolerance for spamming, as per agreed terms, before subscribing. Please refer to Terms and Conditions .

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Q: What is the number of simultaneous connections that are allowed?

A: ports – 25 ports – 25 – 50 – 50


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Q: What is your retention time?

A: Please check our server page for updated information HERE

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Q: What happens if I cancel my account immediately or anytime after subscribing?

A:Your account will expire at the end of its current term and no further charges will apply unless you re-subscribe. There are no refunds. For our cancel and refund policy, please read our disclaimer before subscribing.

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Q:   What are the limits for downloading and how many newsgroups are available?


Please check our server page for updated information HERE

Click  HERE for more Information

NOTE: will curtail excessive continuous downloading usage of Unlimited accounts. uncensorednewsfeed.coms’ Unlimited account does not constitute a dedicated connection. If a customer appears to be unable to maintain use of the service, as per our TERMS and CONDITIONS, may cancel, suspend, or decline to renew service for that customer without notice. It is within uncensorednewsfeed.coms’ sole discretion to determine what comprises unreasonable use. For more information, please read our TERMS and CONDITIONS

Q:   When does my block purchase expire?

A: Your block purchase will expire only after you have used all of the GB’s you purchased.

Although the CCBILL purchase says 100GB for 2 days or 200GB for 2 days, this is only to allow new purchases should you need more.

CCBILL will not allow additional memberships, if active. If you require an additional membership, please contact us via our Usenet Support Center Here.


Q: I am getting a “480 Authentication Error.” What does this mean?

A:  The news server requires you to provide an ‘account username’ and ‘password’. ::: what must I do? In the news server properties, there is a place for you to enter the ‘account username’ and ‘password’ for the news server(s)

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Q: What happens if I go over my download limit ?

A: We have set up the news servers to allow some overages, to prevent a download from being interrupted. The over amount will then be deducted from future days downloads.

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Q:Can I have two or more Accounts

Many members require more than one account. The system is set up so that creation of multiple accounts not possible. If you wish to open a second account, please email us at . Cancellation and refund provisions apply to each account.

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Q:Downloading seems slow. How can I improve this?

In an effort to improve your Usenet experience, we offer various different ports for each server. If you are experiencing slowness, you should first try changing the port you are downloading through and see if the problem is resolved. Often, changing the port will change the routing through the internet and increase your connection speed.       ports – 119, 443, 8080       ports – 119, 443, 8080      ports –  563, 80, 81      ports –  563, 80, 81

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What is Usenet:

What is Usenet?
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Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about yEnc, but were afraid to ask can
be found here.  Along with solutions to aid in downloading yEnc encoded
files. —-    HERE


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