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Web Browser Gateway ( Browser access )

FREE with All Web Accounts

What is our Web Browser Gateway?
The Web Gateway is a web-based interface to Usenet and newsgroups provided by uncensorednewsfeed.com.

Click HERE to View.

Why Use the Web Gateway?
Learning how to use and utilizing the gateway is very easy and is a matter of 5 to 10 minutes max. All you need to access the Web Gateway is a computer with an Internet connection and your uncensorednewsfeed.com login information (username and password). Complete instructions are available in our members area.

Web Gateway vs. Newsreader

Simple to Use: The gateway is a simpler and more user-friendly alternative to accessing the Usenet newsgroups with a newsreader. Web Gateway is available to you as a member if you subscribe to an account which contains the usaweb.uncensorednewsfeed.com and eurweb.uncensorednewsfeed.com server. If you don’t want to download an extra software application on your machine, the Web Browser Gateway is for you!

Great When Traveling: In addition, having access to our Web Browser Gateway can be helpful when you are traveling and accessing Usenet from a computer that does not have a newsreader installed (say from a hotel, airport terminal, or Internet cafe).

If you are an MSN TV (formerly Web TV) user, the  Web Browser Gateway is your only means of accessing text and picture groups in Usenet.

Limitations: As great as the Web Browser is, especially for Usenet beginners, it has its limitations and we want you to be aware of them. You will find alt* newsgroups limited.

The Web Gateway is great for viewing and posting text articles,  If you want access to more newsgroups or to download bigger multi-part binaries, such as movies, software, games, or videos, however, you will be better off with a newsreader. Click our "Newsreaders" link to find out how you can get a free newsreader.

PERFECT for Usenet beginners, users and frequent travelers.   Designed for different platforms and lifestyles. Our Web Browser Gateway provides configuration free access wherever you are around the world.

You need only enter our members area to connect to our servers through our special web browser interface!

Our web browser access is only available with the usaweb and eurweb.uncensorednewsfeed.com accounts.

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